Hulls And Shells, LLc

Hulls And Shells, LLC.

Hulls and Shells products are made of all Organic and Natural ingredients with absolutely no processing. Natural ingredients are extracted directly from Organic fruits, plants and seeds as opposed to being made synthetically.

Hulls and Shells hair care products have been carefully formulated for dry, and damaged hair regardless of texture or ethnicity, kinky, curly, straight, or locked. We have selected the finest natural ingredients for dry and damaged hair. Our products contain pure oils, and butters extract for Organic/Natural fruits, plant, and seeds. H&S provides a moisturizing shampoo to cleanse and nourish your hair, Root Stimulator to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp to regenerate the hair follicles, Conditioner benefiting the hair by normalizing the scalp, Natural Hair Oil that keep your hair shinning, and moist daily.

H&S believe in taken care of hair naturally, without chemicals, and toxins. Utilizing Nature's Products such herbs, oils, and butters extract for Organic/Natural fruits, plant, and seeds that work effectively on all hair textures.

H&S Growing hair naturally with extract oils from Organic Fruits, Plants, and Seeds.

New Products

Hair Treatment Product

H&S Organic Sunflower Seed Oil (4 Oz.)


Hair Conditioner Product

H & S Hair Conditioner (4 Oz.)


Oil Treatment Product

H & S Hair Oil Treatment (3.5 Oz.)